Cultural heritage is the root of national identities, and contributes to tourism, economics, industry, and business aspects. Digital preservation of cultural heritage is thus crucial. Available cultural heritage information on Web sources (e.g., Wikipedia) is provided in multiple formats, such as free-form text, lists, and tables, all of which lack structures and links to other information sources. BudayaKB (or in English, CultureKB) serves as an RDF knowledge base of Indonesian cultural heritage, that is both structured and linked, paving new ways for consuming cultural heritage information. The content of BudayaKB is automatically extracted from the province and city pages of Indonesian Wikipedia, taking into account the heterogeneous formats of cultural heritage information (i.e., text, lists, and tables), and is linked to Wikidata, enabling greater interoperability. BudayaKB is developed by Hadi Syah Putra, Rahmad Mahendra, and Fariz Darari from Universitas Indonesia. Our paper about BudayaKB has been accepted at WIMS 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.


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